Peptidomimetics with Photocontrolled Biological Activity


The expertise, resources and specific knowledge of all Consortium Institutions is combined to achieve a breakthrough in design, synthesis and application of peptide analogues (peptidomimetics) possessing photo-controlled biological activities, with special emphasis on anti-microbial and anti-cancer activities.

The objectives of the Project are achieved through secondments of young researches (Early-Stage Researches, ESR) and experienced researches (ER). The complete list of our secondments see here.

Main idea

Synthesis of analogues of known biologically active peptides where their natural amino acid residues are replaced with artificial photoswitchable building blocks (photoswitches). Importantly, the photoswitchable fragments should be parts of the peptide main chain. Such a modification provides photocontrolled peptidomimetics which can reversibly change their structure between two different photo-forms upon irradiation with light of different wavelength. This opens a possibility to convert inactive peptidomimetics to active compounds and vice versa by irradiation with light directly in tissues to achieve very high spatiotemporal precision of the biological action. The photocontrolled peptidomimetics can be a basis of new therapeutic strategies in a rapidly emerging field —